• Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation Guide
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  • On June 13, 2013
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This article is very useful if your are a DIY kind of person. Here is step 1-5 of the guide that will help you through the process of installing a crawl space vapor barrier, assessing the job, determining how to best resolve your crawl space problems and what products will work best in your homes conditions.

DIY Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Information on crawl space insulation can be found here- Crawl Space Insulation

Here is a straight forward step by step guide to installing a quality crawl space vapor barrier in your home. These are broad guidelines for you to follow that will apply to all crawl spaces. If you need additional guidance for more specific problems you should contact a professional company like the folks over at crawl space repair.

Step 1- Assess your crawl space

Before you do any work in your crawl space you should assess all areas, conditions and problems. This will help you later to know exactly what your up against.

Step 2- Lighting

You may not have thought that installing permanent lighting in your crawl space would ever be a benefit, but if you want to solve your crawl space problems then proper lighting will be a useful aid to your efforts. Depending on the current conditions of your crawls space, I would suggest you first install temporary lighting and then wire in a permanent solution once all moisture and water problems are resolved.

Step 3- Clean out and prep work

Remove everything that is not dirt or attached to the house. Most often crawl spaces are the dumping ground for building and remodeling debris, all of it must be removed to avoid problems with odor, mold and or punctures. No matter how strong the crawl space vapor barrier is there is a possibility of punctures of sharp objects like crushed rocks, broken concrete and metal debris is not removed. IF it can not be removed or is far to large or numerous to remove you can use a protective underlayment like the Felt 550™ to prevent damage to your investment.

Step 4- Measure your crawl space

You can guess at what you need to save time, but when it comes time to spend your money you will need to be accurate. To get a proper picture of what you will need for water control, a crawl space vapor barrier and a proper crawl space dehumidifier you will need the following information:

  1. the length of ALL your foundation walls
  2. the height of ALL your foundation walls
  3. the location of the lowest point in your crawl space
  4. the location of your access to the crawl space
  5. size of your access
  6. do you have any water problems? have you ever seen ANY amount of water standing in the crawl space? are there stains on the foundation walls?
  7. does your home have air conditioning?
  8. does your crawl space currently have foundation vents to the outdoors?

Take this information and make a drawing of your crawl space. This drawing will aid in the planning and the execution of this project.

Step 5- Product selection

Resist the urge to make Step 5 the first step. Here’s why; you should not make the crawl space fit the products, you should select the products that fix the crawl space.

Certainly cost is a concern for most, but if you select a crawl space vapor barrier on price alone you will get what you pay for. Our recommendation assumes the reader: wants their work to last as long as possible, product quality is a concern and results are a must. Find the recommendation at this link- Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Selection

From here it’s time to get grizzly and fix that mess under your home. The final 5 installation steps are found here- How to Install a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier / Steps 6-10

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