• Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Recommendations
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  • On June 13, 2013
  • Last modified:September 28, 2017

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Not sure what thickness of crawl space vapor barrier to buy? These recommendations are just some of the possibilities, but will help clarify how the different thicknesses will perform.

Select The Right Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

This list is by no means complete. There are so many different situations that if we listed them all here you would probably not want to read it all, but here are the most common. If you want advice on your unique crawl space conditions give the folks at CrawlSpaceRepair.com a call.

Ground conditions Heavy traffic with Storage:

Rocky, lots of broken concrete, old metal plumbing buried in the dirt, concrete floor that is uneven and not smooth, light to heavy traffic

Dirt floor with minimal sharp rocks, minimal broken and buried concrete, smooth concrete floor, light storage, light to medium traffic

Dirt floor or sand floor, used for medium to heavy storage, light to heavy traffic

  • 20 Mil SilverBack™

Dirt or sand floor with light or no storage, light to medium traffic

  • 12 Mil SilverBack™
  • 12 Mil GuardianLiner™

Dirt or sand floor, light traffic, no storage